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Der Fat Lava Stil Deutsche Zierkeramik der Nachkriegsjahre: The Fat Lava Style German decorative ceramics of the post war era
Auteur:Thomas, M.P.
Bad Rappenai / 2018
Kartonniert, 396 Seiten. Zweisprachig D/E. Reich illustriert mit Stempeln
Faster than the 50s, the 60s/70s have been discovered by collectors as a complete era of artisan craft. While the Focus of the 50s was on supplying the population with the necessities of daily life, it occured that increasing wealth lead to demand for new design. Mankind and his perception was to be the center of artistic work. To achieve this, many experiments were conducted. The Bauhaus requirement, that purpose shapes the form and décors are thus forbidden, was abandoned step-by-step in the beginning 50s. Everything possible and enjoyable was now produced. In the ceramic industry new cadmium and selenium glazes as well as lava glazes played a major role. Their easy and safe application method unlocked a novel and strange appearence for ceramics. Pertaining porcelain, relief décors , developped from astral porcelain, allowed for an entirely new configuration of surfaces. This completely revised and expanded edition for collectors is occupied with the product-design, technology of glazes and the most important producers of the "FAT LAVA EPOCHE" in Germany. It contains a short review of important europeen producers. The collector will be supervised in history of 70s ceramic art and the potteries
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